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From our earliest days in manufacturing, Vaughtons Civic have been renowned for the exceptional quality and craftsmanship in the production of medals.

Bespoke medals

As a bespoke manufacturer we produce unique medals to your specification, using our in-house design team, we can produce visuals to accompany our quotation to give you the feel of how your medal will look. All our medals can be struck in precious and non-precious metals, and feature a range of finishes such as gilt, rhodium and antique finishes.

You can choose between flat backed medals that feature a design on the obverse side which requires the production of just one die and the flat back reverse can be used for engraving.

Collar medals are our premium product that can feature designs on both the obverse and reverse. They are stamped in a collar or sleeve set up that produces a perfectly uniform edge.

Double sided medals that are stamped using obverse and reverse dies, but do not feature the collar that retains the spread of metal during stamping, this flash is clipped away after. A method for when the medal requires a ribbon bar to be stamped all in one with the medal.

Stock medals and cases

We also hold a range of stock medals in the form of collar medals with a plain obverse and wreath reverse or both sides plain, and flat backed medals with a wreath obverse. Stock Medals all have mirror polished backs, available in base metal gilt, chrome and bronze and precious metals hallmarked silver and 9 or 18ct gold. Both logos and text can be engraved onto the obverse and reverse.

We have a selection of stock cases that are handmade and used to house the jewels and items safely and securely. These cases mean that your items are stored and transported correctly, protecting them from damage.

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stock medals

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handmade stock cases

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Surpassing expectations.

Vaughtons Civic continues to follow the same guidelines and perfectionisms which it achieves by combining traditional techniques with new and innovative methods to produce a range of finishes to improve the appearance and functionality of your products. Using our in-house design team, we can work with your requirements and design intent and utilise our knowledge to offer concepts that are beautifully hand crafted by an experienced British manufacturer.