Illuminated scrolls

Handpainted to preserve a moment in history

Combining heraldic artistry, illumination and calligraphy, each scroll is uniquely handcrafted by our master heraldic artist to express the esteem of the benefactor.

Illuminated scrolls that last the generations

With the earliest surviving illuminated scrolls dating back to 400 AD, vellum scrolls, parchments and codices have been our greatest source of historical record.

Even today, the most important documents such as acts of parliament are inscribed on vellum for archival purposes. Illuminated scrolls are often typically presented to honoured individuals or groups for exemplary service to their community.

Our illuminated scrolls are painted by one of our craftsmen who has exceptional skill in this area. The scrolls are painted onto vellum and are of the highest quality. Both scripture and pictures/crests can be painted onto the scrolls.

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Surpassing expectations.

Vaughtons Civic continues to follow the same guidelines and perfectionisms which it achieves by combining traditional techniques with new and innovative methods to produce a range of finishes to improve the appearance and functionality of your products. Using our in-house design team, we can work with your requirements and design intent and utilise our knowledge to offer concepts that are beautifully hand crafted by an experienced British manufacturer.