Bars & Ribbons

Wearing and displaying your bespoke regalia

We have an extensive range of title bars, neck ribbons and short breast ribbons.

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Brooch Bars

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bars & ribbons

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neck ribbons

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ribbon colours

Which ribbon and bar is right for you?

There are many different styles of title bar that fit either 1”, 1.25” and 1.5” width ribbon. Some have metal lettering that has an enamelled outer, and if we don’t have the title you are looking for, we can engrave a plain version of your chosen bar and infill the lettering with enamel or wax. Our neck ribbons have an overall length of 30”. However, we can make ribbons specially to customers required length. We have a vast range of ribbon colours.

Slide bars, such as the SB1, normally have wires but they can also be supplied with brooch fittings if required. All items are available in a range of finishes, such as gilt, silver plate, bronze or, if you require, they can be made in precious metals.

Bars are available in the following styles:

Bars with Bottom rings
Bars with Ribbon wires
Bars with Brooch Fittings
Slide Bars for Ribbons

Ribbons are available in the following styles:

Ribbon and Loop
Single Mitred Ribbon
Double Mitred Ribbon
Satin Branded Ribbon

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Surpassing expectations.

Vaughtons Civic continues to follow the same guidelines and perfectionisms which it achieves by combining traditional techniques with new and innovative methods to produce a range of finishes to improve the appearance and functionality of your products. Using our in-house design team, we can work with your requirements and design intent and utilise our knowledge to offer concepts that are beautifully hand crafted by an experienced British manufacturer.