About us

A rich history of Great British craftsmanship

Vaughtons Civic is a family owned business with big ambitions and one aim; that of supplying superb quality products delivered on time, with standards of service others find hard to match. Having been around since the 19th Century we know how a business should be run and so how to keep our customers happy. We are proud to have a workshop in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham, and we take great satisfaction in knowing that the quality of our items is unrivalled.


Our customers have dedicated themselves to civic duties, associations and communities. Our service seeks to match the ethos of service passion, precision and artistry. 


At Vaughtons Civic, we pride ourselves in having the dedication and skill required to produce the highest levels of craftsmanship that will be worn by few but seen by many.


The trust to produce an item that will become a powerful representation of our civic leaders. Symbolic and timeless; delivered on time, on spec and on budget.

The early years

Vaughtons was founded in 1819 by Philip Vaughton.

The company was originally named ‘P. Vaughton’, working out of Little Hampton Street in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham. In 1897 the firm had been renamed to ‘Vaughton Brothers’ and had relocated to 135 Constitution Hill; the company was listed as a ‘Buttonmaker, Medalist and Mint’.

Between 1866 and 1902, Vaughtons were documented in various locations, then in 1903, they relocated to an impressive purpose-built factory, ‘Vaughtons Gothic Works’ on Livery Street in the Jewellery Quarter, which is still there today.

From buttonmaker to Goldsmith

It was shortly after the move that the company name was changed to ‘Vaughtons Ltd’ detailed on brochures at this time. Vaughtons was listed as ‘the business of a Silversmith, Goldsmith and General Manufacturer’. Vaughtons’ success grew whilst in these premises, manufacturing some of the companies most prestigious work.

It was the previous owner of WH Darby Ltd, David Heppenstall, that was approached by the owner of Vaughtons, and asked if he would like to purchase the company. The current owner of Vaughtons had no other family members to take over the company, and they approached WH Darby as we were a similar company, making similar products, with a similar ethos. In 1997, WH Darby bought Vaughtons company, along with their customers and took on members of staff who were invaluable to the continued craftsmanship required to make the products.

Merging & expanding on traditional skills

WH Darby took over T J Skelton Ltd, Masonic Manufacturers, to help with production. This was a success, and it led to a major new market segment for the company. In 1991, W H Darby had the opportunity to quote for manufacturing insignia to replace those stolen by the Iraqis from the Kuwait Royal Family during the first Gulf War. The company won the order and had a foot in the market.

From there the company invested time and energy in the foreign insignia market and won a growing number of important orders and customers. Needing increased manufacturing resources, the company took over Vaughtons Ltd in 1994 and the next 11 years saw steady and controlled growth.

Specialists in Civic & Societal Regalia

With a strong pedigree and an outstanding reputation Vaughtons realised that Civic and Societal Regalia customers required a dedicated service to meet their requirements. Vaughtons Civic was born out of the desire to offer a dedicated and specialised service to our Civic and Societal Regalia customers. The service you receive from us will always be of the highest standard with all our products designed and manufactured by hand in our Birmingham workshop.