Welcome to Vaughtons Civic

A passion for fine crafted regalia

Vaughtons are one of the UK’s premier manufacturers of Civic regalia, Chains of Office, Medals and more for associations, clubs and Councils all over Britain and beyond. Vaughtons was established back in early 19th Century, and right up to the present day has been at the forefront of bespoke design and manufacture.

Badges of honour.

With a rich history in the manufacture of specialist fine crafted bespoke regalia, Vaughtons have worked with some of the most important figures around the world. The family-owned business has one aim; to supply superb quality products, delivered on time, with standards of service others find hard to match.

Surpassing expectations.

Vaughtons Civic continues to follow the same guidelines and perfectionisms which it achieves by combining traditional techniques with new and innovative methods to produce a range of finishes to improve the appearance and functionality of your products. Using our in-house design team, we can work with your requirements and design intent and utilise our knowledge to offer concepts that are beautifully hand crafted by an experienced British manufacturer.


Our customers have dedicated themselves to civic duties, associations and communities. Our service seeks to match the ethos of service passion, precision and artistry.


At Vaughtons Civic, we pride ourselves in having the dedication and skill required to produce the highest levels of craftsmanship that will be worn by few but seen by many.


The trust to produce an item that will become a powerful representation of our civic leaders. Symbolic and timeless; delivered on time, on spec and on budget.